Repair and replacement of screens

No more cracked or damaged screens. At OppoTech® we offer replacement screens for all OPPO computers

At OppoTech® we have the OPPO technical service in Madrid that you are looking for

Going through the big problem of having a broken screen is something that anyone can suffer from. Even we ourselves have been in that situation. «But you can quickly fix the problem yourself,» you may think. And the truth is yes. By having specialized technicians, we have that advantage. However, like our clients, we suffer the anguish of not immediately having our work tool. We know what it feels like!

In addition to all the stress that this generates, we must add the fact that it is not just any element. Come on, it’s the screen! What could we do without her?

This part of the computer or laptop needs to be treated with great care, even when carrying out a replacement. In addition, obviously not all models are the same, so the handling must be even more specific.

How to know how much it would cost to repair and replace OPPO screens in Madrid?

You may think that it is a very expensive procedure. maybe for some people, it is. However, it will never be the same as the amount you would have to pay for a completely new PC. Still, it doesn’t seem to be an expensive thing for other users. What a OPPO technical service specialist usually charges you, in this case, is around 200 euros, but it all depends on what the part needs or if, ultimately, it has to be changed completely.

And how long can the procedure take? About two hours, in many cases. However, it also depends on the damage or what has to be done to repair it.

But you could also do this OPPO screen change on your own. Of course, taking great care of the details that you will need to take care of during the process. You have to know in advance that it is not an easy task, especially when you have never done something like this before.

Basically, you need to know the exact model of your computer and its screen, obtain the required tools and, finally, proceed to make the change with the new part that you have previously bought and with the specifications of your equipment.

Do yourself the repair and replacement of OPPO screens

As we have previously told you, you have the option of changing the OPPO screen on your own, without forgetting that it is a task that requires patience, time, money, and a lot of concentration.

  • You must know what is the model of your laptop. Not only this, but also knowing how far the damage has come. If you don’t know, you have practically no way to start performing the task. The most recommended thing is that you connect your PC to the monitor of another functional equipment to verify that it is the screen that the device is suffering and not another element, such as the graphics card.
  • The next thing will be to get the correct screen. And it is precisely for this reason that you need to know the model of your PC well. You can take advantage of the offers of some suppliers that sell a complete kit for the installation of this new part, but, we repeat, it is necessary that you know which is the exact model to replace.

  • Get the necessary tools for the procedure. you also need to work in a suitable, clean and flat space. Objects such as spatulas, a magnetic Phillips screwdriver, a pin or a needle, a small plate (clean and dry, of course) and an adhesive tape that will help you hold the screen to the frame of the laptop will be the most classic tools to use.
  • The next thing will be to place the closed computer on the table, remove the power supply and the battery. Proceed to identify and remove the stickers and screws from the screen, with the help of the pin and the screwdriver. Then, very carefully remove from the bezel, with the putty knife.
  • Remove your current screen, but make sure you’ve completely removed the bezel. If there are other screws holding it down, remove them. Then disconnect the connecting wires. If the video cable isn’t damaged, remove the video cables.
  • Finally, place the new screen. Place it, face down, within the frame of the one that was before. When it fits well, connect the aforementioned cables (the video ones) Once this is done, secure them with adhesive tape. Also put the bezel in place, the screws and the covers that you removed earlier. After this, try to turn on the PC (after placing the battery and the power supply) and verify that you have done the repair and replacement of OPPO screens correctly.

And we have become specialists in OPPO screen replacement

If you have a device of this brand, rest assured that in us you will be able to get the help you are looking for to repair your screen or, in any case, make a replacement.

In OppoTech® you will find the solution to the repair and replacement of screens

It all depends on the state of it and the equipment itself. We carry out a preliminary diagnosis to verify the status of the problem.

If the device’s screen needs a small fix or if the conflict is severe and requires a replacement, we can solve it in less time than you expected.

The best of all? We know perfectly every detail of OPPO screens, whatever the model of the computer or laptop. We also offer a free estimate for your convenience and savings.

The OPPO screen you need, we have it

We have screens for all models of OPPO computers and laptops

Do you have an Ideapad, a Chromebook, Duet, Yoga…? For whatever device you work with, we can offer the part you require.

We have the most appropriate tools to replace screens

But we recommend that the procedure be carried out by an expert. If you decide to do it on your own, you can risk the vitality of the entire team. It’s not convenient at all!

We have the best prices on the market

One less worry! If what worries you is the cost of this technical service in repair and replacement of screens, don’t worry. In OppoTech® you will find not only the best professionals, but also the best prices.

If the replacement is imminent, it is best to do it with high quality

Our technicians do know what they are doing

They are highly qualified to carry out any screen replacement as they have worked with many of our clients over the years. 

We work with common and touch screens

Whether it’s a touch screen or not, you can trust us to get the job done. 

As well as with old and new (integrated touch layer)

We adapt to technology just as our clients do. For this reason, repairing screens that have an integrated system such as Amoled, retina, among others, is not impossible for us.

We keep you informed with updates on your case

  • We want you to have your equipment in the shortest possible time.
  • Therefore, we have an exclusive dedication to each problem and its solution. 
  • In case the delivery of the equipment takes a little longer, for quality testing reasons, we will let you know immediately.
  • From the moment you are attended and a first free diagnosis is made, you can already consider us your «helping hand» to provide technical replacement service for any OPPO screen.
  • We only charge for what you will need.
  • We do not make “phantom” charges. You will only pay for what your device requires and the labor of the technical service. No extra expenses!
  • Don’t leave for tomorrow the screen replacement that you can do today. We are waiting for you in the heart of Madrid.

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